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Slim Jim Antenna

Slim Jim Antenna Project:

For Construction details see:


Part description:


 450 Ohm "ladder line" twinlead

60 "

Coax of choice

10+ ft

Coax connector of choice


 14 AWG solid wire


SO-239 panel mount (prefer silver plated)


Copper tape


*additional parts needed for unbalanced matching

      The advantage of the unbalanced matching is that you don't need the 

balun coil. You can also use a SO-239 bulkhead connecter at the base of

the antenna (this requires some ring terminals and screws in addition to

the connector) This could be an advantage if you want to put the antenna

inside a piece of PVC for a "permanent" installation.

       The disadvantage is that it makes that portion of the antenna stiffer so

you may not be able to roll it up as tightly.


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