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License Testing Information


Information Sheet for the Palouse Hills ARC Ham Radio Test Site


Important note: to enable us to provide you with a pleasant experience,

Please read and follow sections 1-4 carefully!


1 Contact information for reservations:  

Please make reservations one to two weeks before the exam date via one of two ways:

                        Phone: (509)-334-6979              Email:  KI6DER@AmSat.Org

 When registering please provide:

·        Name

·        Callsign – if any

·        Exam element you wish to take

·        Contact information: phone number and/or email.

2 Before the exam:  

Obtain an FRN from the FCC:

·  Go to

·  The FRN will be required on Form NCVEC 605.

·  Note: applications will not be accepted without a valid FRN 

·  Obtain Form NCVEC 605:

·  Fill out Form NCVEC 605 (provided at the end of this document).

·  Note: even though form 605 states you may use your SSN or FRN, Applications will only be accepted with a valid FRN.

Note:  A vaild email address is now required

 3 Exam day:

 Bring a completed Form NCVEC 605.

Bring $15, exact change please!

Bring government issued photo ID (driver’s license, passport, military ID etc…).

·        If photo ID is not available you must present two of the following items:

o       Nonphoto ID/ driver’s license

o       Birth certificate with appropriate seal

o       Minor’s work permit or school report card

o       Utility bill, bank statement or other business correspondence that specifically names the person or postmarked envelope addressed to the person at his or her current address as it appears on form 605

Bring the original and copy of your ham radio license and any CSCEs you may have.

Calculators are allowed, however they are not to be programmed.

Bring your favorite pen or pencil. 

4 Miscellaneous comments:  

Retesting for the same exam element during the same session is generally allowed. A second test fee will be required. Multiple exam elements may be taken at the same test session without additional charges. In all cases, the final decision is up to the team leader.   

Four  volunteer examiners commit their time and resources to support an exam session. If you made a reservation and cannot attend, please be courteous and inform the team leader ahead of time. 

Walk-ins are allowed, providing all the prerequisites of Sections 2 and 3 are met and workload permits.  Since sessions may be canceled if there are not a sufficient number of candidates, please make every effort to call ahead and make a reservation.

 Important note to minors taking the exam: we routinely run into minors wishing to take the exam without identification, with a parent wishing to “vouch” for the minor, or with the parent’s identification. Per the guidelines, since a minor does not have a government issued photo ID, you must follow the ID guidelines in section 3 and present two forms of identification! No exceptions will be made under any circumstances.  

5.  Exam Preparation Resources  

Online written practice exams:

  After the exam: 

If you pass, processing takes 10-14 days. Following that, go to one of the following sites to find your new call sign: 

  1. QRZ name search:
  2. FCC license search:

       If you don’t see your new call sign contact the team leader for additional help.

O       Once you receive your call sign, you are approved to go on the air within the band restrictions of your new license.

 If you didn’t pass, please practice and come again!


Form NCVEC 605

The form is linked below.  Please note that this is a fill-in PDF form, so you can edit it using Adobe Acrobat reader (, print and bring it to the test . Form NCVEC605


Last update  29 Nov  2021



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